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(water segregation)

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The problem

Bleeding is a form of segregation where some of the water in the concrete mixture rises to the surface of the freshly placed material, taking with it fine particulates (cement, aggregate and fine sand).  This segregation of the concrete components weakens the casting, and may lead to irreversible failures in the cement matrix.

The solution

Specialized synthetic micro-fibers composed of one hundred percent nylon polymer and are characterized by very narrow diameter and a greater coefficient of friction and grip with the concrete. 

The fibers are characterized by chemical and mechanical traits that are especially effective at preventing bleeding. This, thanks to their interactions with the concrete structure where they create a network that improves the cohesion of the concrete.

These characteristics allow for optimal reinforcement of the concrete matrix allowing it to resist the osmotic and hydrostatic pressures.


Currently accepted solutions make use of additives that decrease the bleeding problem, but create other problems, negatively affecting the concrete's strength, or decreasing the workability of the concrete during critical applications, as well as significantly increasing project costs.

NewcreteB's fibers significantly reduce the phenomenon of bleeding while at the same time enhancing the concrete's strength and flow characteristics, and the casting's resilience to seismic forces.

Proper use of fibers allows for a significant savings both in time and money, reducing depreciation, reducing the amount of cement added beyond regulatory requirements, cutting costs and decreasing project duration.


Fiberfor's breakthrough technologies for fiber reinforcement of concrete and for improved applications and end use properties are achieved by adapting a product to the specific needs of the mixture being cast through extensive testing of the fibers in our state of the art laboratory which is among the most advanced in the field of fibers and concrete. 

Fiberfor's engineers, chemists and cement technologists adapt and test the product based on the individual characteristics of the project, taking into consideration the climate, the quarried material, and the mixtures' composition in order to achieve the ideal results.

Fiberfor's experts tailor the scope and nature of the solution to each application and project; adjusting the fibers, the mix design and the casting parameters as well as providing expert technical support in the field through an on-site specialist.

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