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Secondary Reinforcement and Plastic Cracking

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The Problem

Plastic cracking is caused by unrestrained contractions due to the evaporation of bleed water and material shrinkage during the early plastic stage of drying, ~24 hours after casting.

Minor cracks may develop and become significant in size, thus leading to weakening of the concrete element, aesthetic damage, a reduction in the sealing ability, degradation of the mechanical properties, and shortening of the life of the element.


Fiberfor's specially engineered polyamide fiber is designed to prevent cracking thanks to its unique chemical and structural properties.

The unique narrow size and scale of the micro-fibers and their distinctive mechano-geometric properties improve the bond to the cement matrix and inhibit cracking.

The high surface area of the hydrophilic nylon micro fibers that are dispersed throughout the matrix, allows them to affix the water in the cement, thereby avoiding dehydration, shrinkage, and ultimately preventing cracking.


The fibers are tailored to the problem of cracking.  They provide greater and more efficient restraint, improve the cohesion of the fibers with the cast mixtures, and do not change the composition of the concrete.

Using the product in the recommended manner significantly reduces early plastic cracking,  producing a higher quality, more durable element.


Fiberfor's breakthrough technologies for fiber reinforcement of concrete and for improved applications and end use properties are achieved by adapting a product to the specific needs of the mixture being cast through extensive testing of the fibers in our state of the art laboratory which is among the most advanced in the field of fibers and concrete. 

Fiberfor's engineers, chemists and cement technologists adapt and test the product based on the individual characteristics of the project, taking into consideration the climate, the quarried material, and the mixtures' composition in order to achieve the ideal results.

Fiberfor's experts tailor the scope and nature of the solution to each application and project; adjusting the fibers, the mix design and the casting parameters as well as providing expert technical support in the field through an on-site specialist.

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