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Thermal Cracking

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The problem

Thermal cracking occurs as a result of temperature differentials in high volume elements, (foundations, rafts, etc.) or elements with high strength. Heat is emitted during the setting of the concrete, causing a temperature gradient between the core and the outer shell of the element. After cooling, the core contracts and thermal cracking forms in the hardened skin of the element. Thermal cracking affects the quality and endurance of the element, as well as it's imperviousness to water and corrosive chemicals.


NewcreteT's fibers' characteristic geometric structure is specially adapted for highly efficient resistance to the process of thermal cracking. The fibers enhanced mechanical properties; mechanically stops crack advancement by combining anchoring with a high friction coefficient between the fiber and the cement matrix. Morphologically, the fibers supply the necessary interactions with concrete, converting the kinetic energy of crack propagation to friction in the fiber-cement mixture, stopping crack progression.


Using a relatively low quantity of fibers per cubic meter enhances the workability and the flow of the concrete thanks to the compatibility of the nylon polymer with the matrix. Fibers' advantages include improved strength, elongation and impact resistance. They improve the mechanical properties of fresh concrete and the quality of the hardening concrete as well as the service life of the existing  concrete .


Fiberfor's breakthrough technologies for fiber reinforcement of concrete and for improved applications and end use properties are achieved by adapting a product to the specific needs of the mixture being cast through extensive testing of the fibers in our state of the art laboratory which is among the most advanced in the field of fibers and concrete. 

Fiberfor's engineers, chemists and cement technologists adapt and test the product based on the individual characteristics of the project, taking into consideration the climate, the quarried material, and the mixtures' composition in order to achieve the ideal results.

Fiberfor's experts tailor the scope and nature of the solution to each application and project; adjusting the fibers, the mix design and the casting parameters as well as providing expert technical support in the field through an on-site specialist.

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