R & D

(Research and Development)


Fiber reinforced concrete is one of the fastest growing segments in the concrete industry.  Backed by decades of accumulated experience and knowledge, Fiberfor's concrete and fiber technologists, chemists and engineers focus solely on developing fibers in the company's state of the art laboratories – among the most advanced in the field of fibers and concrete.

Fiberfor's combined knowledge and experience of both fibers and cast mixtures means our experts provide solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each customer and project - solutions that work. 

Custom solution

Fiberfor's breakthrough fiber technologies for concrete reinforcement, and for improved applications and end use properties is achieved  by adapting a product to the specific needs of the mixture being cast through extensive testing of the fibers in the company's laboratories.

Fiberfor's experts tailor the scope and nature of the solution to each application and project; adjusting the fibers, the mix design and the casting parameters as well as providing guidance, advice and support of an onsite specialist.